St.Petersburg guided tours


Walking tour "Nevsky Prospect. 200 years - history and the present."

There is nothing better than Nevsky Prospect, at least in St. Petersburg; for him it is everything. What does not shine this street - a beauty of our cultural capital! (Nikolay Gogol, "Nevsky Prospect") 

Nevsky ... What is behind this word! This page of the classics of Russian literature, this and many important events and names, and the world-famous monuments. Each era has left its mark on the Nevsky. Walking along Nevsky Prospekt, if you turn the pages of history. Once the main entrance into the new Russian capital, then an aristocratic avenue with ornate palaces and mansions, and later - the bourgeois, the business center of the city, where the largest banks, joint-stock companies, trading houses - in short, all the new things that appear in the life of St. Petersburg primarily it felt on the Nevsky Prospect. Prospect plays a huge role in the cultural and social life of the city. On Nevsky Prospekt and areas adjacent to it, located theaters, concert halls, museums, libraries, cinemas. Not by chance back in the time of Pushkin Nevsky street called "mental, book, spiritual." The current Nevsky Prospekt - the street with an unusually diverse buildings, with an inexhaustible flow of people to the pulsating rhythm of life around the clock - produces an irresistible impression. 

Duration: 2 hours

Schedule of tours: April-October on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 to 19:00

Possible languages ​​of the tour: Russian, English


Private tour - tour for the order for the tourist / group of tourists 
Price option 1: Group 1-2 persons - 15 euro (1000 rubles) 
Price option 2: Group 3-5 persons - 25 euro (1500 rubles)

Terms and conditions of registration and cancellation:
For how many days you can place your order: 1 day 
For how many days you can cancel the order: 1 day 

Starting point: Vosstania Square

Place the completion of the tour: Palace Square

Objects of display: Revolt Area, Anichkov Bridge Anichkov Palace, Gostiny Dvor, the Kazan Cathedral, the Roman Catholic Church of St. Catherine Lutheran Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Stroganov Palace, the Admiralty, Palace Square.

Events related to the places:  the foundation of St. Petersburg, the Great October Revolution of 1917, the Second World War 1941-1945, The Siege of Leningrad, Perestroyka

Famous people associated with places: Peter I, Catherine II, Nicholas II, Rasputin, Felix Yusupov, Count Stroganov,  Rastrelli, Voronikhin, Alexander Pushkin, Nikolay Gogol, Mayakovsky


Special conditions: Under adverse weather conditions during the tour route can be changed with the consent of the client during the tour are possible everyday stop for 15 minutes in coordination with the client.

Organizational issues: 
Meals: Meals during the excursion is not provided 
How best to wear: comfortable shoes 
What to bring: umbrella in the autumn, sunglasses

Warranty actual and final prices! 
Free cancellation! 
No booking fees!

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